Thursday, September 16, 2010

Too Much to Do

Once upon a time we had three children. They were all within 4 1/2 years of each other. Needless to say they kept us busy. There were always school socials, baseball games, soccer games, PTA meetings, gymnastics etc etc etc.

We made it through those years with three children with little or no problem. Yes, there were a lot of take out food nights, and a lot of running around with me going one way and DW going another way, but we made out fine. At the end of the day we would relax and all was well and we were ready to go at it again the next day.

So what happened?

Now, we have one child, (S) is going to dance and she is starting Sunday School this Sunday. There has been one PTA meeting and one curriculum night at school. This weekend is all filled up. We will be attending a party for (S) and two of her bio brothers we have set up at a local children's museum. It should be a fun time.

Unlike the "once upon a time" time, we are tired. I am yearning for a home day when we can relax and do nothing......It isn't going to happen any time soon....There is just Too much to Do.

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