Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some Prints are In

I called the Probate Court this week just to check and see exactly where the process goes from here.

My Federal prints are already back. I am not really surprised by that as my work requires some federal background checking anyway, so they have all the info they need on me anyway. Tehre is still the state results that need to come back for me, and borh have to come back for DW.

We know that DWs are going to take a little extra time as she really doesnt have very well defined prints and they are unable to submit them to the automatic system and instead have to have them done by hand.

In any event, once the Probate Court gets them back, they will call us to set up a date. It is not looking like we will make National Adoption Day ceremonies here in Maine, although we are not totally ruling that out. If DHHS had just moved a little quicker to begin with we might be done already. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that now.

I have been looking at pictures trying to pick out what I am going to post here when the adoption is final. There are so many pictures we have from the last 3 years, that picking out a few to show everyone is proving to be difficult. I will get through it though, I am sure......

So thats about it. I have to go to Oklahoma, so I won't be around next week, but you can be sure I will be checking with the Probate Court when I get back. I will check in here from Oklahoma as well.


  1. It would be SO COOL to adopt on NAD BUT we'll take ANY day in November (or December), thankyouverymuch! LOL!

    CAN'T WAIT to see the picture you choose!!!!

  2. I hope it's National Adoption Day! If not, I hope it's very soon after. I'm looking forward to seeing pics. I'll admit I had a hard time choosing only a few, as you've seen on my blog. And we only had P for a year before we finalized! Good luck with the task!

  3. What a blessing to be able to adopt your very first foster child and not have to go through the bittersweet process of family reunification.

    Good luck!