Thursday, October 7, 2010

We Signed Papers Today

So today we went to the Mystery Mansion and met with the CW. She had received the first package back and it was now time to complete package 2. And what did package 2 include????

The signing of the adoption agreement!


So we are that much closer. Now that adoption agreement has to be signed by the State Commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services. Once that happens, we can go to the Probate Court where we get fingerprinted (AGAIN!!!) and get a court date.

So one thing I didn't know is that even though we were a foster parenting "adoptive resource" , and had been the planned adoptive parents of (S) for over a year, we were still only considered to be foster parents. Now we are an official "adoptive placement" for (S).

I didn't know that there was a distinction, but it really doesn't matter at this point. we are what we are, and we are yet another step closer to adoption and that is all that matters.

So.....on Tuesday of next week, I am going to call the woman at the State Capitol that got everything moving this quickly from last Friday and see if she can't help us. I am kind of doubtful as to whether she can actually move the Commissioner along, but I will ask nicely anyway. I certainly need to thank her for the help she provided this last week. After all, in less than a week, she accomplished what the people in the local Mystery Mansion couldn't accomplish in 2 months!

Are we happy?

You Bet!!!!!!!!

I'm thinking lobsters for the adoption party. I think we will need to have a bounce house too. And maybe a Ferris Wheel!!! (I don't think we actaully have room in our yard for a ferris wheel, but you have to admit it would be cool) How about a clown? Probably not, they can be kind of creepy. Any other ideas out there? We are getting closer. We need good suggestions.


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