Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Table 5

So DW and I went to a PTA meeting last night at the school. The PTA provides babysitting service for those meetings, so we brought (S) along and she stayed and played with the other kids that were in the babysitting room.

When the meeting was all over, we picked her up and went to the car to start the short ride (3 miles) home. In spite of it being such a short ride, we did learn a lot.

1. There are 5 tables in her classroom. (kids sit at all 5)

2. There is a boy in her class that is obviously the class clown, and he
makes her laugh with his antics

3. The boy in question sits at Table 2.

4. (S) used to sit at Table 2

5. Apparently (S) did a lot of talking and laughing at Table 2 and wasn't
getting her work done

6. (S) now sits at Table 5 with some different children

(S) assures us that at Table 5 she doesn't do any talking and she is able to get all her work done. She also assures us that the little boy at Table 2 still makes her laugh. I can't wait to hear more at teacher conferences next month. It should be very interesting

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