Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It Even Seems to be Working


After I spoke with the woman wwho said she would help, I got a call Friday morning from our CWs supervisor. She seemed to be more concerned with protecting herself, her case worker, and the job they were doing then with helping move things along. She even told me that Packet 1 was ready to go back to the state capitol and it had been fixed. I told her that packet one had been originally sent to the capitol and was all set almost two months ago yet she insisted that things were moving along and I just had to be patient with the process.

I have done that for the last two months.

So, I called the woman back on Monday (yesterday) and told her that it was nive that the CWs supervisor called me, but what I was really looking for was for someone to help move the process along, not someone to defend how slow the process is moving. She said she would see what she could do to help.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call AND an email from someone i the office at the capitol that packet one had all been approved and signed off and was headed back to the CW.


Even though I was told 2 months ago that there was no way to move the process along, one email, and two phone calls later, we have accomplished in 2 days what wasn't done in 2 months!!!

I am going to call the CW to make sure she knows that I know the packet was signed off and sent back to her, so she can go onto the next step.

As always, I will keep you all informed as the process continues. Hey, I will probably invite everyone to an adoption party soon too!!!

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  1. .. and THAT will be a party for the recordbooks!!