Monday, November 1, 2010

Away For the Week

This week I am in Oklahoma City. I just got to town today, and will be leaving first thing Friday morning. I know that (S) is missing me, and I am certainly missing her. We will both be fine though. She did talk to me on the phone a few times today so that is nice.

She really isnt a big phone talker so that she talked to me is really a plus. I am hoping she will continue to talk to me while I am here. I wonder when she will become a big phone talker....or is it just a big texter these days?

I remember when my older children were teenagers. The girls were always on the phone. It was one day when I was at work and couldnt get through to the house that I insisted we had to get call-waiting. At that time, it was something new and there was an extra charge for it. They also didn't have caller id. When that first came out, I didn't want that either. I saw absolutely no use in it.

Eventually I gave into that too. When I think back, there were a lot of technological advances I really didn't see a need for at the time they came out, but I wouldn't be without them now.

things like cell phones.....texting.....a phone that takes FM radio in the car (am was enough). electric windows in the car.......HD player (heck, a VHS tape player)....laptop computer.......wireless access.....I still dont have a smart phone.....I am sure there are more I can't think of right now.

Well, I certainly went off on a tangent there. Anyway, I know (S) can't read this yet, but if DW is reading, please tell (S) I miss her....oh, I miss you too!


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