Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Progress

We got a call Wednesday morning at 9:00am from the CW who advised that she had the paperwork back from the State Capitol and we could now go to the Probate Court, fill out some paperwork and get on with the next step in adoption.

We needed to meet her at the courthouse and she wanted to know when we could do that. Now I was at work, and I thought DW was at home, but I wasn't sure. I told her we could be there whenever she could do it. What worked for her? She said she could meet us there in an hour if we could make it.

I told her we would be there. Then I called DW and told her. After all this time, we weren't going to do anything to delay things any longer. So by 10:00am we were at the courthouse. We filled out paperwok, signed papers, took an oath or two to get some of our signatures notarized and we received a fingerprint card from the clerk.

We immediately went to see our friend who works at the local city PD.

For those of you who haven't been around for a while, DW does not have very good fingerprints. It took us an extra long time to get our fostering license because of it. Every time we sent in finger prints we got a notice back that they weren't good enough. We finally had to get a letter from our friend who is a detective saying that was the best there was. Thsi meant that they had to go through a different, and longer, process to do the background check on DW. The fongerprints are so bad that our detective friend says DW could have had a very lucrative career in crime.

Anyway, we went to see him right away. He took the best prints he could and included a letter advising that was the best that was available. We are hoping to avoid the multiple trips to get fingerprints taken so that they will go right to the other process for the background check.

The call came at 9:00am and the fingerprints were in the mail at the Post Office by 12:00 noon.

So........we are another step closer. It is now in the hands of the State Police, maybe the Federal authorities, and the Probate Court. We are not real hopeful that the fingerprints will go quick enough to make for an extra thankful Thanksgiving, but maybe, and if not, we are least confident that we are moving forward.

While we already know it, the State will finally acknowledge that (S) is part of our family.......


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  1. I think I remember being hopeful LAST Thanksgiving.. HOWEVER.. I know waaaaay deeeep down in my heart, the 2010 Holiday Season will be OVER THE TOP AWESOME for the CloudMasterCrew!!!

    The one good thing about holding my breath for so long? Blue IS my fav color.. ;o) !!!!