Saturday, December 27, 2008

Youngest Bio Daughter

Our youngext daughter (26) is going to be the first of our children to get married. The big day will be June 21st. Last night we were invited to her future father-in-laws house for dinner. There were a lot of people there and (S) was enjoying all the attention she was getting. In the meantime, I felt a little awkward. I have known this man for a few years, and we really aren't friends and don't hang out in the same circles so it was a very uncomfortable night.

But, THE FOOD was good!!!

Unfortunately, my wife now feels compelled to have him and his girlfriend over for dinner. That will mean another uncomfortable night.

I am looking forward to the wedding even though it is going to be a costly event. We have already rented the lcoation, hired a photographer and a DJ. My daughter has picked out oinvitations, and my wife, her and her bridesmaids are going to a David's Bridal on Tuesday to pick out dresses. They are excited about it. I am glad I get to stay home and have fun with (S) while they are gone. We still haven't decided on a menu, or even whether or not there will be a buffet or sit down.

The boy she is marrying is ok I guess. He has a job and they are currently living together and seem to be enjoying themselves and having a good time together. I am just not all that thrilled about him. I guess that brings to mind the question of the day:

Does any father feel as though any boy is good enough for his daughter?

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  1. My father has treated my husband like crap ever since I met him! And now that my sister is married to "perfect Bill" it is even worse! As a daughter, I would really recommend that you do everything to maintain your relationship with your daughter at the very least. I no longer speak to my father - in fact, I don't even feel like I have a father. It's sad because he's 75 y/o and you'd think he would at least attempt to have a relationship with his daughter, but no! I think it is pitifully pathetic and I've lost my respect for him. Please don't let that happen between you and your daughter.