Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Snow Snow

I know I am about to ramble, so I appolgize in advance. If you don't like to read the ramblings of the foster father to a 3 year old girl, then I completely understand.

OK, we got about 18 or 20 inches of snow last night. That is just too much for this time of year. I guess it does guarantee a white Christmas though.

The snow plow driver ripped down our mailbox again. That is two times in two storms. I spoke to the town office and they took the information for the spreadhseet they keep on cokmplaints about plowing. THEY KEEP A SPREADSHEET!!! You would think at the point you decide you need to keep a spreadsheet you would think about doing something different.

I called the sheriff and he came by the house. I asked about the plow "leaving the scene of an accident with property damage". He said that if a plow knocks down my mailbox, it is not like if I knock down a street sign. He said the plow is a "mishap" while the other is an accident. WHAT????

The sheriff is now talking like the DHHS people. I think they think every one is stupid. That really iritates me.

Anyway, back to the snow. Last year (S) was not the least bit interested in sledding so we didn't buy a sled. She saw all the snow and said "I want to go sledding>" So, my lovely wife went to Walmart and bought a sled. Then she brought it home and guess what? (S) was not interested in going sledding today. I guess we will do that Thursday and/or Friday.

She is going to be with her bio parents from 9am to 3pm on Christmas Day. It will kind of mess up our day, but we will make the adjustments. I just wish we would have a little more say in the way things are handled. We pretty much get told what to do and I dont know if I need to be more assertive or if that is a bad thing. Being that this is our first foster child and we have only been doing it for a year, we relaly have nothing to compare this year to.

Speaking of snow, my oldest daughter Amy (now 30) first learned how to spell snow in nursery school. It was the very first word she could spell. I think it was from a song. I remember driving her home from school that day. she was so excited that she was able to spell a word.

Well, enough rambling...again my appologies. If I dont get on here before Thursday, everyone have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever holiday you celebrate.

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