Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cuts Cuts and More Cuts

The State of Maine has been making cuts all year as a result of the horrible economy. I understand that most states are finding themselves in the same situation. i don't know what the other states are doing, but it seems as though every time they cut something it comes from the kids. Maine made the following cuts in Child Welfare

$2.6 million (12.5 percent) in subsidies for foster and adoptive families.
$1.8 million saved by reviewing mental health services used in child welfare.
$1.7 million saved in the foster care program by breaking out services (unbundling) and not paying for all services. (Example: No longer paying for child care if a parent is home with the child and need has not been determined; recreational programs; and respite care).
$1 million in savings by transferring child welfare assessments to state workers.
$900,000 in reducing the time for psychological evaluations of children in state care.
$291,000 to agencies that serve unwed mothers and mothers with young children.

I guess I could bi**ch about it and god knows this would be the place to do it. Its just that I dont have any better ideas given the way the economy is. I am sure it will get worse before it gets better, I just hope that some of whatever stimulus Obama comes up with is put aside for the children of this nation. They are, after all, our most precious resource.

Enough politics. Today was a visiting day. Mom was gone when we dropped S off, but dad was there. The kids were in a good mood when we picked her up, and she seemed to have enjoyed herself, but was ready to come to us. I just have one question:

Why is it the parents think that they are the victims in this mess they are in? I am afraid if they don't change their attitude the reunification won't work, and that would be the absolute worst thing that could happen.

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