Monday, December 15, 2008

Family Meeting

Today was the monthly family meeting. It looks like our foster daughter will not be in the first two to go home. We are glad she will be around for a while longer. The whole process with the family will probably take a few months. She is going to spend 6 hours on Xmas day with her family.

We were concerned about how the reunification would go. I guess it will be one overnight followed by a weekend overnight and then a little more and more until she is no longer with us and spends all her time with her family.

I have to tell you, we have ceretainly grown to love her over the year she has been here. She is absolutely adorable. I know we will miss her, and I am sure she will miss us, but a famiy should be together, and she belongs with her birth family if that is possible.

There will be a woman coming from the reunification team on wednesday to talk with us about our little girl and see what she may need in the way of special services during the reunification process. I am not sure what exactly that involves as it is our first time, but I will certainly let you know.

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  1. You have such a good attitude about her going home!! I'm guessing that mom really has gotten her act together and that helps you feel more comfortable. It's a case by case - if the parents really can turn it around, good for them. It doesn't help you and your wife's heart, though. You pour a lot of love into someone in a year. Will be watching for updates!