Friday, December 12, 2008

I have never blogged before, but it seems like a good thing to do now. I am not sure what this will evolve into, but we shall see as we move along.

My wife and I have been foster parents for exactly one year. Our current foster daughter came to us in December 2007. It seems as though she is close to being back with her birth family. She currently has 4 brothers who are also in foster care. We will certainly miss her when she gos, but we know it is probably best in the long run.......if it works. That is our biggest concern. If it doesnt work and she is taken out again, that will stink.

She is only 3 years old and really has no understanding of what has been going on. We were looking at pictures with her yesterday and when we got to a picture of her family and I asked her who they were she responded with "those are my friends". She refers to her paents home as my mommy and daddy's home and she calls our home her home.

Since she is our first foster child, we are wondering how it will all work out in the end. We have a meeting on Monday which should give us more information as to how the reunification process will proceed. I think we are both very anxious. We certainyl have grown to love her over the last year, and know we will miss her when she is gone.

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  1. Blogging started as good therapy for me and morphed into wonderful friendships and has taken on a life of it's own.

    I look forward to reading your journey!!