Thursday, May 10, 2012

Some Things are Truly Amazing

Our eldest daughter Amy received her MBA last weekend. We were there for the "hooding" and the graduation. It was a wonderful event and we are certainly very proud of her, I never thought in a million years that this was something she would do, but she did it and we are very happy for her and her accomplishment.

It was not, however the highlight of the weekend. While that was indeed the only reason we went up to Maine and it was a very short trip, the most exciting part of the trip was when she told us she was pregnant with her first child. (another little one to call me papa!). Now that is exciting.

This has however brought up a lot of questions from Shyanne about how the baby gets in there and gets out of there. We have been answering them in a way that we feel is appropriate for a 6 year old little girl. We simply told her that after a man and a woman fall in love and get married God puts a baby in the woman's tummy. As far as how it gets out, we told her how her two older sisters and brothers were born. That the doctor took them out of her tummy. Since DW had C-Sections for all three, that was the truth.

Then she wanted to know when then happened. So we told her all the dates that Amy, Barry, and Kari were born. her replay was a question of total amazement:

                             You mean they were all born on their birthday!!!!!!??????!!!!!!

Yes Shy, they were. Some things are just truly amazing!


Hey!!! I am going to be a PAPA again!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!


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