Friday, May 18, 2012

I Am Not Quite Ready For This

There are some things that I am just not ready for. Not that there is a time I will be ready for them, but there is a time when you expect certain things to happen whether you are ready for them or not. Then there are things that happen so unexpectedly that you just can't be ready for them whether you thought they would happen at some time or another anyway! Then of course there is the expecting the unexpected, but then if you expected it how could it have been unexpected. If you try to get ready for something then aren't you prepared for it even if you say you aren't prepared for it. So how can you know be ready for something when it happens if you knew it was going to happen, even if you thought it would be later?

Have I got you totally confused? If you would like, you can go back and read that first paragraph again. I guarantee it won't make any more or less sense then it did the first time you read it. Anyway.........

Yesterday I got home after being away for three days. I got home before Shy got home from school and I changed into my shorts and a t-shirt thinking that she would love to play a little basketball with me out on the driveway when she got back with DW from the bus. Well, she did come down the driveway to say hello to me and give me a quick hug and kiss hello, but then it was off to play with the boy across the street. She had no desire to play basketball with me today.

Then it wasn't long after that the new boy next door came by with his mommy. He wanted to know if Shyanne could play with him. DW explained to his mother that she was across the street with the other boy and was sure it would be OK if he went as well.

A short time later I looked into our backyard and there were Shy and the two boys playing on the swing set. The three of them were having a great time together. It was really wonderful. When we lived in Maine there wasn't an opportunity like that as there were no other kids close to Shy's age that loved close enough to us. Now there are a number of kids and as they grow older and their limits are stretched, I expect to see more kids in our backyard playing and coming into the house for snacks and all. I love that and think it is fantastic that Shy feels comfortable enough to bring her friends over.

Even if they are boys...........After dinner Shy and I went to the store together. We got to talking about all her friends she has here and I found out that the boy across the street and the new one next store are her "best friends" not Sofie, or Isabella, or May or Lilly, but Jacob and Cameron. And it isn't just those two!!!

Shyanne has a date tonight. That is right. At 6 years old, she is having her first date. It is with a boy from her class. I think his name is Alex. Now this is nothing all that big, but it is a date. I guess his Dojo (karate school) has a pizza and movie night every so often. When this little boy came home from his last class he told his mother that the movie this week was "Tangled" and he knew that Shyanne liked this movie and he wanted to ask her to come with him. So............she has a date at the Dojo with Alex.

I am just not ready for this........On the good side......DW and I have a dinner date of our own a nice restaurant along the nice is that!!!

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