Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day and Family

Memorial Day Weekend is just about upon us. By the traffic I have already seen out on the roads, it would appear as though it may have been on us last night. In any event. Here on Cape Cod it is bound to be a truly wonderful weekend.

Saturday we are all working around the house. I am not sure if Shy will be helping DW with the gardening, or me with the painting, but I am hoping it is her mother with the garden. Then our plans are for family days on both Sunday and Monday.

I do love the time we get to spend together at beaches or at the gardens or somewhere away from the house with just the three of us. It is really wonderful. When my older biological kids were younger, there was always something one or more of them had to do so that it was difficult to get family time together.

The bigger the family, the less time you have to get together and "reconnect" as a family. With just DW, myself and Shy, we get to do plenty of that. I know as she gets older there will be more things that she is involved with, but we won't have to split between children. DW and I will be able to do things with and for Shy together. We will only have one little league game or one soccer game, or one basketball game to attend. We won't have to figure out who is driving whom where and when, and who gets to watch what game. When Barry was born, Amy was only 3 years old, and Kari came only 15 months after Barry. From then on, there was not much time to spend with all five of us together.

The one thing we did do after Kari's graduation from High School we were able to do a family trip to Disney together. All five of us. It would be so nice to do a vacation with all of us again, but I don't see that happening. The good news is that the family is growing and growing. Amy is now pregnant and I will be a papa again. That brings more additions to the family which is absolutely wonderful, but makes it that much more difficult to get everyone together.

Barry is out in Oregon right now and we are going to see him this summer, but that makes it difficult for the whole family to be together as well. I know he wants to get back to the northeast, but it will be a while before that is able to happen. It has been quite a while since our whole family has been together. I am hoping that might be able to happen this fall, or early winter.

DW would love to take all of our family on a cruise. I would love to do that too. We are kinda half-planning and kinda half-praying that we might be able to do that for our 40th wedding anniversary. That is only 3 years away though. Let me see....there would be 7 adults and some children. I say some because I have no idea how many there might be at that time. The more the better!! I would love for us to have a big group together for the trip. I think it would be an absolute blast!!

I guess it wouldn't be so bad though. We could do it with 3 staterooms...maybe 2 if we got one of the big suites. Well, it is nice to dream about those things, but for right now, I am just thankful that we are able to do things with Shyanne and be together as a family. Especially on great weekends like Memorial Day. I know we will have fun, and I will let you all know about it on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend yourselves, and whatever you do, don't forget to take a moment to remember the real reason for this holiday and give thanks for those who gave their lives so that we could enjoy the freedoms and liberties we have that make us able to enjoy such a wonderful weekend.


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