Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Forever Families Camp

For those of you who don't know about it, Jewish Family Services of Greenwich runs a weekend camp for Jewish families touched by adoption. DW, Shyanne and I went for the first time last year. The camp is located in Pennsylvania at an NJ Y camp. We had a wonderful time and Shyanne loved it so much she wanted to go back from the moment we left. So in about 5 1/2 weeks we will head out to Pennsylvania for another weekend of fun, friends, and learning.

We all learned a lot last year at camp and are hoping to have fun learning more this year. The reason I bring it up today is we just got an e-mail asking for informaiton for this year's camp. DW and I asnwered the questions and are hopeful that we will come back form this experience with more good informaiton like last year.

It is nice just to be around other families who share a commonality in their life. At our new Synogogue, we are told we are the only family with an adopted child. I really find that hard to believe in this day and age, but that is what we are told. So being around other families touched by adoption is certainly nice for us, and also nice for Shyanne. I am getting more excited about going back and just being able to relax and enjoy ourselves together as a family. Not having to worry about any outside pressures or what we are having for dinner or anything else. We can just be together as a family and enjoy our weekend as well as maybe bring home some helpful hints for dealing with some of the problems we have as well as how to celebrate the joys we have. I can't wait!!

I have no idea if there is any room left for this year as it is so close (the dates are June 8-10), but Debbie Schwartz runs the camp and informaiton can be found at the following URL. If it is too late for this year, it is definitely something to think about for next year.



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