Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rainy Days, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Regifting

Yesterday was rainy and Monday. Today is rainy and Tuesday. I really don't mind Mondays much. Sure, I hate the weekend to be over as we have so much fun, but Monday isn't all that bad. I do however not like the rain. I know it makes the flowers grow and the grass green, and our yard does look absolutely beautiful this time of year, but why can't it just rain at night? That would be best.

Right now, sitting in my office and for the last two days all I have seen is grey skies and rain. I really don't like it. I know that Shyanne doesn't like it either. When I picked her up from dance yesterday she told me how she had to spend recess inside. She was upset about a picture she drew. She said she worked very hard on it during half of her recess and then gave it to a friend of hers I will call Mary. The reason she was upset is that that Mary wrote on it to: "Judy"  From: Mary and gave it to Judy. Shyanne didn't like that. she said she had worked hard on it to give it to Mary and it wasn't nice that Mary turned around and gave it away.

I tried to explain to her that since both Mary and Judy are friends, it didn't really matter, and since she hadn't told Mary that she couldn't give it away, then it was OK for Mary to do with it as she pleased. I suggested in the future, she might want to sign all of her art work so that the person who ends up with it knows who the real artist was, if that was her concern.

It seems that wasn't her concern. Her concern was that she worked hard on it for this one person who then gave it to another person.

Her first experience with "regifting". I guess I never really thought about how the original person would feel about their gift being given to someone else, but then as an adult, I would probably never tell anyone that I had given their gift to another person. Having said that, I have never regifted a gift. I hear about it all the time, and you see it on Sitcoms on television, but does it really happen all that often? I don't really know, but what I do know is that Shyanne doesn't like her gifts being regifted AND she doesn't like inside recess due to rain. My guess is there won't be any regifting today, but she will still be disappointed again today. It is pouring out.


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