Friday, August 20, 2010

Light for her Weight!?!?!?

On Tuesday morning we got the full disclosure from DHHS on all issues related to (S), and also filled out Packet Number 2. While there were some surprises, they was nothing major. One of the medical reports made me laugh. It said she was "light for her weight". Nowhere did it mention she was short for her height, so I guess she has that going for her. :)

There were many inconsistencies in the different reports as to what her first 2 years of life were like, however the general indication was that things were pretty messed up..........but we already knew that and it was no surprise.

When I asked about the first package, I was told it had not been sent in yet because they were still waiting for something from the Guardian Ad Litem (GAL). Wonderful! How long will we be waiting now. Anyway, after the meeting I left the GAL a voice message asking him to please take care of what he needed to take care of. I told him that DW, I and (S) would all appreciate it.

The CW also asked us to be fill out the paperwork we had received for the Probate Court. Naturally we filled that out in the evening, and I had it to DHHS first thing on Wednesday morning. First thing yesterday (Thursday) morning, I left a voicemail for the CW asking if she had received my packet, if it was correct, and whether or not they had received what they needed from the GAL to get Packet number 1 moving along.

I haven't heard anything back yet, but it is only 7:30am local time and The Mystery Mansion hasn't opened up yet.

On a lighter note, we got (S) new school shoes and sneakers for her first day of kindergarden (September 1). Luckilly her feet aren't too short for their length, so shoes were easy to find.

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