Thursday, August 5, 2010

Can You Spell Frustration?

yeah, I know.....F - R - U - S - T - R - A - T - I - O - N.................................or maybe D - H - H - S

Two weeks ago when we first got word that the Supreme Court had ruled and we could move forward with the adoption process I called DHHS. I wanted an appointment as soon as possible so we could move forward with our process.

When I spoke with the the caseworker she was unable to meet with me that week or last week and the earliest she could meet this week was Thursday. She has been so unreliable I made 2 appointments. One for today and one for Monday. It is a shame that I had to do that because of how unreliable she is, but I did.

Unfortunately, I'm glad I did. She didn't make today's appointment. She left a message to call her to make an appointment but when I called, she had left for the day and since tomorrow is a furlough day she won't be back until Monday.....

I left her a message on both her office and cell phone voice mail reminding her that we had another appointment for Monday and we would expect to see her at our house then. If she was not going to be able to make that to call. I also told her I thought it was horrible that I had to make those two appointments because of her lack of reliability.

Oh, and another thing. when she left the message that she wouldn't be here she said she needed to get more informaiton from us too. She has had 2 weeks to fill out her paperwork and now she tells us she needs more information. By the way,......she didn't tell us what it was she needed. I don't know how she expects to get it.


I also left a message with her supervisor, but she apparently isn't too concerned because she hasn't called me back and I am sure I won't hear from her before Monday either. Unfortunately, there is no where else for me to go. I do plan on asking the caseworkers supervisor who her supervisor is. I am that frustrated with this process. (S) has been in state custody for almost 3 years and they are no closer to getting her permanency then they were the day they took her into custody. You know, the day they took her into custody and we brought her home I didn't really care about how long she stayed in custody. We were only a short term stop until the state got things straightened out for her and her brothers and found them something more permanent

That was fine then. I didn't know (S) and I didn't know much about the process.

That is not fine now. Now we love (S) and to answer Tina Turner's question.......That's what love's got to do with it!!!!!!

We will get this process over with as soon as we possibly can, given our DHHS handicap and it will not matter where you are, you will hear us partying!!



  1. I feel ya on incompetent caseworkers. It is sooooooooooo frustrating!

  2. Mama so do I !! I have a worker that I have to tell on a daily baises how to do her job! She actually called me the other day to ask me how to go about switching some thing I asked her to switch. ( thank God I new the process)... there are days She makes me want to pll my hair out! and I was so blessed that the Pc just made her the worker for all 3 of my kids, She actually said " you know what You are doing so you can handle her, your cases aren't that hard"