Monday, October 5, 2009

Where are the men?

I have had this blog going since last December. I started it when it was getting close to the time when (S) was going to be going back to her biological family. Unfortunately, that never happened for her and now the state is going through the TPR process. Anyway, I started this blog and at the same time started following other blogs that deal with foster care and adoption. There are many good blogs out there. Some of the ones I follow are listed to the left side of this page. There are others as well.

They all have two things in common. The most important is that they are all interesting and enjoyable reading pertaining to adoption and foster care. The other thing they all have in common is that they are all written by women.

The only comments that have been made in the 150 or so entries I have made over 10 months have been made by women. They are all seemingly wonderful women who have a genuine interest and passion for foster care and/or adoption. They all care about the children in their care, or are anxiously awaiting the first child to come into their family. While I have never met most of them, I consider them all to be valuable sources of information. It does however leave me with the one question:

Where are the Men? Am I the only one here?


  1. Dan ( hasn't published for a while.

    This blog is more active:

  2. I've definitely noticed that too, and when I found your blog, I was really glad to have a Dad-centric voice.

    I'd bet the reasons few foster fathers blog are as varied as the men are. Honestly, I think my husband has some insights worth publishing, but he hates composing/writing, so I doubt the world will ever see them.

  3. My husband doesn't write often, but I appreciate his dad point of view (and yours, too). He's at