Sunday, October 18, 2009

We Think She is Very Bright.....We Could be Wrong


(S) has done a lot of things that make us say "We think she is very bright". She has great skills for recognizing places and she remembers enough about books to almost read them herself. She was putting her index fingers and thumbs together today and said "Look I made a diamond."

There have been other instances as well. some of which I have documented on this blog and some that I just let go by the boards. Like the time I told her we had to let the meat rest and she went and got the aluminum foil out of the drawer without me even mentioning it.

Then there was this morning...

She had Corn Flakes for breakfast. She loves Corn Flakes and was making her own breakfast. She put the Corn Flakes into the bowl (She spilled a lot and we had quite a laugh over that). She put the Sugar into her bowl. I cut some banana and she put that into the bowl. She was then looking at the cereal box while awaiting me to help her with the milk.

There is a recipe on the side of the box for Crispy Chocolate Bars. If you are interested in the recipe, you can find it here:

So anyway, she is looking at that side of the box and there is this picture of about 6 of these delicious looking chocolate crsipy bars to go with the recipe. If you check it out, you will see that they look a little like brownies. It would be easy to understand if someone said "look at the brownies" and I wouldn't be writing this particular post, but what she said in a very excited voice like she just had a serendipitous discovery is:

Daddy,Look!!, Corn Flakes are made from Brownies.

We could be wrong.


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