Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dance and a Birthday

Yesterday was a geat day for (S). Dance class was a little scary for her at first and she really didn't want anything to do with the tap dancing. Everyone there knew what they were doing and she didn't and she just sat there with DW watching. Then they started the ballet and she was into that and started dancing and even talked with another little girl in the class. We are hoping that next week she will fully participate.

Then we came home and prepared for the little family birthday party. (S) was excited to see everyone and even more excited to see her presents. She really liked her new princess bicycle. She was riding it around in the garage both yesterday and today......I know my bio-kids are going to have a fit if/when they read this but.....DW let her bring the bicycle in the house today and ride it around the kitchen living room and dining room,

After the party she went with her best friend to Build-a-Bear. While she was gone, (A)s boyfriend and I put up the swingset that he had given us for (S). Ahen (S) got home and saw it, she was absolutely thrilled. I think that may have been the best part of the day for her. She played on the swings for a long time.

The best part of the day was that she was so busy and going all day, she fell asleep in her own room again. We have finally got that down. It has been a few days since she has had to fall asleep in the den with us. We have hooked up a DVD player in there and let her fall asleep while watching a movie. The only thing left now is getting her to stay there for the whole night. Every morning we wake up and find her sleeping on the floor in our room.

One note.....She is still hyper sensitive to loud sounds. Today there was a siren off in the distance and she was getting very upset about it. DW had to bring her inside. We don't know if it is actually the sound or if there is a memory associated with the siren If there is, we don't know if it is Fire Truck, Ambulance, or Police. She seems to be most concerned about ambulences, but we are not sure.

All in all, it has been a good weekend and we still have one more day left. We are making cupcakes to bring to school on Tuesday for her class birthday party.


  1. So glad she had a great day. Happy Birthday to S!

  2. Don't worry about the tap. Many schools don't let kids start it until they have a year of ballet and a sense of technique. And it's noisy!