Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Big Day Saturday

Saturday is going to be a big day for (S). She will be celebrating her 4th brithday with family and friends.

I just looked at that and wondered whether or not I had to specify that it is not her bio family, but rather us. DW, (S),me, (A), (K) and the rest of the gang. Well, I guess I just did that......anyway

That is not all that is happening on Saturday. DW went out today anf bought leotards, and tights. Tomorrow we get the ballet slippers and the tap shoes. Her first dance class is Saturday morning. She is so looking forward to it. I cna't wait to see her in class. She has never really been in that kind of an environment until just last month and this will be a little different.

Anyway, we are all excited about Saturday as is (S). I can't wait to tgell you all about it!


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