Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guy Noir Invades Blogville

Tomorrow is the first visit for (S) with mom in almost 8 months. BOY WILL SHE BE CONFUSED.

She knows that the caseworker is picking her up and she know she is going to visit with her brothers. She has no clue that bio-mom will be there. (S)'s therapist believes that the progress she has made in making her PTSD a thing of the past may well revert back to where it was.

We were making such good progress in toilet training and in sleeping and we are now concerned that we will have difficulties again. Only time will tell. The caseworker is not optimistic, and the therapist is not optimistic. So we are not optimistic either.

On the other hand, the reason for the TPR being denied was that the judge (hereinafter referred to as the magisterial moron) believed that mom and dad were no longer together and that mom should be given a chance on her own. It is too bad we allow such morons to be running our court system. It was clear that she was not alone and now the state has proof that they have been together. Unfortunately they will not have the opportunity to present that to the magesterial moron until the middle of August. On the bright side, that gives them more time to gather more significant evidence.

Unfortunately, they don't know where they are living.

"But I knew I could help them out" he said while puffing on a cigarette and thinking "I could be in Key Largo with a beautiful woman but this case is far too important."

I digress

So tomorrow, I may find my way over to where the visit is after it is over and play Sam Spade. That is right. I am going to play the lead in my own "film noir". Too bad I won't have Peter Lorre around to help me out. But I am hoping that bio-mom will lead me to the "Fat Man" (bio-dad)

Who knows, the next post in this blog could be real interesting.


  1. this is going to turn her world upside down, so sad

  2. I am urious about how it went. Hope you are all hanging in there, Cloudmaster!