Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just When We Think......

So we have a little girl visiting with us for the weekend. She is the daughter of a friend of our eldest bio-daughter. We call her our surrogate grandchild. (SG). Things were getting pretty overwhelming with the two of them at the restaurant (it was a buffet and probably not a good idea anyway) and we were thinking that maybe adoption wasn't going to be a good idea. We were coming up with all kinds of different reasons and ways to justify that answer.

Then we went to the supermarket. All of us... (DW), (S), (SG) and I all go and are looking for diffrerent things that we might like to take to the beach today for a picnic. (S) and (SG) are running ahead of us when (S) turns to (SG) and says:
"Stop, we have to wait for my family"

How can we possibly split her from her family?


  1. Whatever you and DW(whatever that means)decide will be the right decision. You will handle the decision with grace and love cause that's who you are.