Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If I don't laugh.........

We have been making some progress on the toilet training although we are not sure it will continue after the visit on Friday. She hasn't had a complete dry day, but she has been pooping pretty regularly in the toilet so we are quite happy. Today at home she had a poop and said "hey, that looks like a banana!" Anyway, we went to a restaurant for dinner tonight and while we were there (S) advised she needed to use the toilet..........4 times........anyway, I felt it necessary to take my turn so off to the Men's room we go.

The room was empty which was good. It was a bathroom that has all the automatic fixtures. wave your hand in front of the faucet and the water comes out. Wave your hand in front of the towel holder and paper towels come out. Get off the toilet seat and the toilet flushes. Now this was not your regular toilet. This was one of those toilets that really makes a loud sucking noise as it flushes.

So I go into one of the booths with (S) and she proceeds to pull down her panties and pull up her dress and get situated on the potty. then she decides she isn't quite comfortable and starts to move around on the seat. That is when the toilet decided to flush! She went flying!!! She turned around with her panties at her ankles almost tripping over them and looking at the toilet with a look on her face that said "What the ^&#!& are you doing?" No, she doesn't know those words. That was just what the look on her face was saying.

Very carefully and with a great deal of trepidation she got back on the toilet. I was concerned that this might set the training back, but she managed to get through it. She finished her business and back to the restaurant we went.

I wish I had a camera to memorialize that look, but I can assure you it will remain forever etched in my mind. So if you ever see me just sitting in a chair and I suddenly just start laughing out loud.....I am remembering that look.


  1. Been there - done that! We had a child for whom TT (toilet training) was set back several months because of a badly timed flush at JCPenney. She wouldn't go in a public place for months after that.