Thursday, December 8, 2011


Last night was Shy's last swim lesson for this session. She really enjoys going and hsa done well. Now that we live so close to the water, it is more important that she become a good, strong swimmer. The strength is the main thing that she has to develop.

So, now that is done for the next month, as there is nothing going on through the holidays. We also want her to develop as much as a swimmer before we go on vacation in February, so there will be more swim classes starting January 4th.

She had her visit with the therapist yesterday. DW was able to attend with her and she is very impressed with the new therapist. Shy seems to like her too. She gave DW some good advice and some good ways to respond to Shy when she has a melt down about doing or not doing school work.

She doesn't want us to get too invloved. Basically either Shy does the work or she doesn't. If she doesn't want to do it then we will just give her the choice to either do it now, or go into school without it and her teacher will probably make her stay in from recess to do it. Of course this will require some coordination with her teacher, but her teacher is a wonderful woman who we know will cooperate with us fully in matters like this. So, that problem would seem to be solved. We shall see how it works in real life. And I am sure, not in the too distant future.

This morning Shy had an eye doctor appointment. This has been another issue. She had to wear an eye patch after her last appointment and she didn't like that at all. It was a supreme struggle every time we went to put it on. Well, today the doctor told her No eye patch is needed. THAT IS GREAT NEWS FOR US AND SHYANNE!!!

So, all is going well. We are ready for the Holidays except that we haven't decided when or for how long we are going to Maine, but we will figure that out soon. Shy really misses her sisters and nephews, and DW and I miss our children and grandchildren, so we want to spend as long as we can, but I don't want to be home alone either, so we will have to figure that one out.


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