Friday, December 9, 2011

Shy Has Talent

Now everyone thinks that their child is talented, and we are no different. What is a little different is in the area that shy's talent lies.

Now you all know that she takes dance classes and this is her third year in dance. So it would stand to reason that she can dance well. She does, and while she may develop a talent in this area, I would not go out of my way to she she is definitely talented in this area.

She also loves to sing, and while the jury is still out on how well she can sing, we always clap when she sings us a song. I do have to tell you though that we did litterally almost roll on the floor laughing when she used words that were different from the original while singing a certain Christmas Carol she had learned in school. (The words she used were "tell the ancients you're a fairy, fa la la la la - la la la la")

So listening and hearing may not be a talent, but you have to admit its funny. Anyway, I move on as those are not the areas of talent I want to tell you about today.

How many of you hula hoop? probably quite a few. Ok, how many of you hula hoop well? Not quite as many, but still a lot. Now, how many of you can hula hoop with the hoop twirling around your neck? Oh, I see we are getting fewer people. Next question. How many of you can hula hoop while walking? Even fewer! How about while twirling around? That's right you can twirl yourself while the hula hoop stays spinning around you? Oh, only a very few.

Well, Shy can do all that. Not only that....She can actually walk to the school bus, while twirling herself, while the hula hoop is spinning around her.

NOW I THINK THAT IS TALENT!! ( just not sure of what use it is)


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