Friday, December 2, 2011

Have a Nice Weekend

We have been together as a family in our new home and new location for exactly 4 months.

We thought when we first moved here that Shy would not need to go to any therapy as the therapist we went to in Maine seemed to think that she was doing just fine and would be ok.

Well, it hasn't really worked out that way.

Shy has some moments that tell us "maybe she could use a little tune-up". So today we are going to a new therapist down here that will hopefully tell us if the tune-up is necessary, and if so, how much tuning and when is actually needed.

I know you have heard me boast about how beautiful she is, and how smart she is, and how wonderful she is doing, and that is all true, so don't get me wrong. She is an absolutely wonderful child. It may actually turn out that the only thing that needs tuning up is mom and dad. We shall see.

In any event, we are taking her there today so we shall see what happens.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, DW is working at a book fair at the school. That means Shy and I will have about 4 hours to ourselves. We have to find something to do. I am sure we will find something fun and entertaining, but if anyone has any suggestions, then I am all ears! (and eyes), so go for it. I am always looking for fun ways to spend time with Shy.

Actually, any time I spend with Shy is fun, so I guess it won't be difficult. I will report back on everything on Monday.

Have a nice Weekend. I am looking forward to mine!


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