Monday, December 5, 2011

Pink Lemonade and The Weekend Report

So here is the report from the weekend. I will start with Friday afternoon at the office of the new therapist. DW and I are very impressed with her. and are very happy that she will be taking Shyanne's case. She seems like a wonderful person with a real sense of what it is we are looking for, as well as what Shy needs.

Shy will actually start appointments with her on Wednesday. We are hopeful that the new person will be able to get Shy to settle down and not be quite so frustrated like she often is.

Saturday Shy and I had about 5 hours to ourselves. DW was working a book fair at the school and we had the chance to do some things on our own. First we did a little raking in the yard. then we went to the "community playground" near her school. There were about 5 or 6 other kids playing thtere, and Shy had a great time for about 1/2 hour. Then she decided she wanted to go to the playground at her school, so we went ahead over there. There were a few older kids playing there, but that didn't stop Shy. She had a great time swinging and climbing and doing monkey bars and all those things that kids do on those playgrounds.

You know they didn't have playgrounds like that when I was a kid, but that sounds like a whole other blog post, and maybe for another blog....anyway, I digress....

So we played at that playground for a while and since we were at the school we figured we would go in and say hello to DW. We decided after that we would go to lunch. DW asked us to bring her back a sandwich and we decided to go to Subway. One problem. There is no Subway where we live on the Cape. We didn't know that then, but we know it now.

So we went to a different restaurant. I had a nice salad and got one for DW, and Shy had a hamburg. She also had Pink Lemonade. Then she asked the question no father wants to hear. (no not that one silly, the one that I don't have the answer to!!!)

Shy: "Dad, if there are no pink lemons, where does pink lemonade come from?"

Gee, I really didn't have an answer for that. I thought for a while, and finally said I didn't know. She said that she thought maybe it was just yellow lemonade and they added paint to it. I told her I thought that would taste pretty bad, and we moved on. Apprently she was satisfied with the fact that both of us didn't know where it came from but we both liked it.

Anyway, if you are wondering. Wikipedia has a great article on lemondde and all kinds of lemonade. I learned there is brown lemonade and red lemonade as well. I also learned that there ARE pink lemons (although the juice is not pink), but that is not really important here, so you can go look for that information yourself if you are interested.

After we brought DW her lunch, we went home and played a game of "Mouse Trap". Then it was back to raking some more leaves before DW came home. Actually, what we did, is not all that important. What is important here is that Shy and I spent time together contemplating more great questions of the universe and in the end had a truly wonderful time!

I love that girl.


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  1. Glad you had a great time! You are so blessed to have each other!