Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well the bio-parents received the notification that Shyanne was adopted. So far, there hasn't been any fall out from it and the more time that progrsses without any fallout, the better I will feel. I still don't trust bio-dad though. I think he is a dangerous man, and that worries me.

Of course, I don't think he is that interested in Shyanne, but I do think it will be a matter of principal with him and his never ending fight against whatever he feels like fighting. Whether it be his wife or the state or something else, who knows.

In the meantime.......

Shy is doing great. She had been wanting the doors closed to all the "dark" rooms when she went to bed becasuse she was afraid someone would come and take her. Since the adoption, she has been less likely to ask for that.

She likes to play school. At her school they have now started using our last name when they call her and she has been testing the sound of that when she thinks no one is listening. I think it is great. She is certainly feeling more like a member of our family, and of course we have felt that way abotu her for a long time.

Her first report card will come home from school tomorrow. I know it will be good. After all, does nyone in kindergarden get a bad report card? Anyway, her teacher has told us she is doing well, so that is good enough.

Funny Story....

The school had a book fair and family night was on Tuesday. We all went to look at the books. WE got a couple of books for Shyanne's classroom and a bunch for her. While DW was looking at the books, shyanne noticed a boy from her class. She told me she wanted to go over and say hello so I told her to go ahead. She insisted I go with her.

She grabbed my finger and dragged me over to where the boy was. When we got there she tapped him on the shoulder and said hello. He said hello back and then they just stood there looking at each other. After about 30 seconds his mother said "come on its time to go"

Shyanne and I had ot follow him all the way to the door. she then said goodbye and that was that. So cute!!!

Anyway, enough rambling for tonight.

Happy Hanukkah to all



  1. I hope Shyanne's biodad stays away. We had some serious safety concerns with P's biodad before he passed away. One thing the SWs told us was that he had never directed his anger toward the foster family. He'd always direct it at DCF and the workers. Maybe Shyanne's biodad will do that and leave you all alone. Here's hoping.

  2. I agree with Karen. Plus the more time passes, bio dad will more likely move on with his life.

  3. Agreed.. time will go on and he'll find other battles to aim his anger at.

    LOVE the book fair story! Kids are too darn cute!