Friday, December 17, 2010

What does Red in Chinese Mean?

This is in the category of "kids say the darndest things"

We were out shopping for Christmas presents for Shy's bio-brothers tonight. We are getting all the kids together tomorrow for our monthly "play date" and we are bringing presents for them. We went to Sam's club, and then to Best Buy. It was them over to the mall to see what we could find there.

After the mall, we ate dinner at the Ruby Tuesday's and then went to A.C. Moore for Shy's oldest brother. He loves drawing so we got him a real nive sketch pad and some drawing pencils.

Anyway, after that it was time to head home. We were about half ay home when I was stopped at a red light. It didn't take long before the light changed green, but unfortunately, the car at the front of the line was in no rush to go. Since I was.....I said in a rather loud voice (not loud anough for any other car to hear me but only people in my car) "HEY!!! THIS IS AMERICA, WE GO ON GREEN HERE!!!"

Eventually the car decided to go and we went on our way. A short time later, Shy says to me: "What does red and chinese mean?"

I said, well red is a color and chinese is what you call people from China. We also have Chinese Food on New Year's Eve (a family tradition). In any event, I thought I had answered the question and it was a fairly easy one, so I was happy.

Shy was not happy. Apparently I had not answered her question. What she wanted to know was "What does a red light mean if you are in China? Since green meant to go in America, it was an obvious question for her. Not so much for me.

My answer....well I really don't know. I assume that a red light meaning stop and a green light meaning go is the same in every country.....but then if that is the case, why would I say "This is America, we go on green here"

Heavy Sigh.........I have to be more careful with what I say, because Shy will catch me on any discrepancies........I love being her dad though. She really is fun and keeps me on my toes!!!!!!

By the way, does anyone know if that green/go and red/stop thing is universal? I have only driven in a few other countries and I didn't get in any accidents, so I guess I have been ok, but what if I find myself in Uzbekistan?

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