Monday, December 13, 2010

Social Security Part 2

So I did not get asked back for the sequel.

I went to the Federal Building the next day with what I thought was all the information I needed, but there was a different guard at the door. This guard wouldn't let me through the metal detector unless I took off my belt.

I wasn't taking off my belt........

He wouldn't let me in......

Now, I understand the need for security in Federal Buildings. I understand the need to have a metal detector.

I understand that if I set off the metal detector I am subject to closer scrutiny.

I have no problem with any of that. But let me go through the metal detector first. If I set is off, then maybe you can start asking me to remove clothing. In any event, I thought about going back the next day. Here was my plan:

I was going to go to the toy store and get me one of those little kids cowboy belts with the cap gun six shooters. When the man asked me to take off my belt, I was going to take that off and put it on his little counter....

When DW heard my plan, she decided that it was time for someone else to go to the Social Security office.....Her.

I can't argue, it was probably a smart move. So today, she went to the office.

What we wanted to do was not only get Shy a new Social Security Card, but a new number with her new name. We can't trust her bio-parents and since they had her old number, we couldnt just change the name. So in order to do what we wanted to do, what is needed when you go is the following:

New Birth Certificate (original with seal)
Adoption Certificate (origianl with seal)
Government document showing her old name (We were told to bring her medicaid
information we had from Foster Care for that)
Social Security Card request form (got that at the office)
The person filling out the request also needed a government ID (DW used her drivers license)

The woman behind the counter told DW how to fill out the form. She checked all the paperwork and told DW that we would have a new card and number in the mail in 7 to 10 work days.

There was also other good news. While DW was in the office, no one had their cell phone go off, so the guard did not have to jump into action to ensure the safety of navigation within the building. DW did leave her phone on, but she had it on vibrate so even if it did go off, the guard would not have heard it.

So there you have it......

One last thing....I have a call into the senator's office to find out why I have to remove clothing prior to the metal detector.


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  1. You and my DH are two peas in a pod.. the only difference is I would've gotten a phone call after the fact (and federal charges pressed). LOL..