Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Adoption Bucket List

Living in Maine, we have made many trips to Canada over the years. It is just as close for us to go to Quebec City as it is to go to Boston. Quebec City is an absolutely wonderful place. The old city is like being in a small town in france. It is truly delightful. We have taken the bio kids to King's Landing in New Brunswick and the Canadian Maritimes are also beautiful. We love going on cruises, but have not done that since shortly after (S) came to us.

Unfortunately, we are unable to take (S) out of the country so we haven't been able to go with her. Sure we could go alone, but I would love to take her with us. I think she would get a kick out of it. I guess that is something else that will just have to wait until the adoption is final and we have a birth certificate and passport.

I have come up with an idea though. It seems everyone has a "Bucket List" these days. So, I am creating an adoption bucket list. All those things we want to do with (S) but can't until after adoption. Obviously the first item on the list is a HUGE celebration. After that, lets start with these three:

1. Quebec City
2. The Canadian Maritimes
3. Caribbean Cruise

If you have any ideas to contribute to our "adoption bucket list" or have a an adoption bucket list of your own, we would appreciate suggestions. Maybe it will keep us busy enough to forget how long it is taking for the adoption to be finalized.



  1. Tour of Ireland in a horse-drawn Gypsy wagon.

    How amazing would that be?

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