Monday, April 26, 2010

On The Road Again

The CW was over today for her monthly visit with (S). She says she is going to set up a visit with (S)s siblings for this Saturday. Of course she has been going to do that for the last 3 months. We will see if she actually does it this time. I think it probably will because...

We asked about the court hearing that occurred last week. It was just an update to the judge. The CW said the judge did ask why things weren't resolved yet, and she seemed unhappy that we were waiting on her colleagues to make a decision. After the CW told us that, she started asking questions about the adoption reference the home study, and the paperwork that she needs to fill out. She said she was going to get started on it. That tells me that she must be fairly confident that we will have things worked out soon. I have a feeling the judge asked about the sibling visits, and that is why she is gung ho about them. I am still at a wait and see posture on it though I am optimistic.

So maybe we are closer to an adoption, and maybe not. This is the way I see it.....

Life never quite goes the way you plan it. If it did, there would be an awful lot of cowboys, nurses, and policemen in the world, and not too many proctologists. After all, how many 7 year olds can even pronounce that?

So as we move through our life, things change and our plans change. As we go down each road, there are good things and bad things that we encounter. They all affect us in some way and cause us to take a different turn onto a different street. As long as we don't let the bad things turn into road blocks, there will always be good things ahead......And bad things....that is the way life is.

DW and I had been planning on retiring in a couple of years. Well, when (S)s parents were unable to make it through to reunification and the state sought the TPR, that was life changing for us and we started down a different road. We could have chosen to foster her until a forever family came along and still retire in a couple of years. Instead, we chose to become that forever family. A new road taken.

Unfortunately, it has been slow going. Apparently this road isn't paved and we got a flat tire somewhere along the way. Not a roadblock. I hope I am not reading too much into what the CW said and getting my hopes up too much, but I am feeling like our flat has been fixed and we are back on the road again.


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