Sunday, April 4, 2010

Life is Good


(S) cried again when I left today. At least it will only be a few days until I see her again. She and DW are coming to NH on WEdnesday and we leave for Florida on Thursday night. Hopefully all will go well with the flights and we will wake up Friday am at my parents house in West Palm Beach and ready to go to the pool.

A few days there and then off to Disney for 5 dayes before returning to Palm Beach. When we return we will be lucky as (B) will be there and we will be able toi visit with him as well. DW will be meeting with the CW tomorrow. Still nothing has happened with the case. I check the court web site every day to see if anything has been posted. Nothing yet. I am hoping we are close. I promised I wouldn't get too itchy until after we returned from Florida, but it is tough.

More excitement in the family though. (A) received a proposal this week and will be married in September. Her finace has two children from a previous marriage. Our family is growing like crazy. One year agao we have 3 children. By the winter we now expect to have 4 children and three grandchildren. How is that for growth?!

The funniest part is that (S) will be an aunt to two kids more than twice her age. She is going to be flower girl again too. She is becoming an expert at that.

I don't know if I will have much chance to get on here before Disney, but you can be sure we will have some pictures to post once we get there. All in all......Life is Good.....

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