Monday, November 16, 2009

TPR Hearing Take 2 Day 1

Guess what.....Bio mom and dad couldn't be bothered to show up in court for the start of the TPR hearing. As a result, things went pretty quick today.

Now on top of everything else, we have abandonment as an issue. The lawyers for mom and dad did show up.No one knows for sure where etiher of the parents are but rumor is dad is in hiding and wants everyone to believe he is somewhere on the gulf coast. He may or may not be. Rumor is Moms grandmother dies and she was attending her funeral. (In the words of the GAL...."A lot of people have dies in this case") Mom's lawyer asked for a continuance, but the judhge denies that. The state called about 10 witnesses today. Mom's lawyer asked about 12 questions total and Dad's lawyer may have asked 2 or 3 questions.

Mom's lawyer is only planning on calling one witness, and dad's lawyer has no plans to call any witnesses. It seems as though they are convinced that the state will win this case and they are saving their energy for the appeal.....On the other hand, I don't think the state has presented as strong a case as they did the last time, but apparently they have all agreed to have the last case be part of the record of this case....I have no idea what any of this means and I am just hoping as everyone else is that whatever is best for the kids is what happens.

There will be a day 2......It will be tomorrow.......I will report on that tomorrow evening.......I won't have any more of an idea as to what is going on tomorrow then I do today.......I get more and more baffled by our justice system every time I show up in court for these hearings.

We will be keeping our fingers crossed....see you all tomorrow


  1. Sitting here.. teetering on the edge of my seat..
    I can't even begin to imagine what ya'll feel.

    I wonder if deep down Bio Mom and Dad's lawyers know it's a losing battle. ?

    I so hope they have zero idea as to where you and DW live. If adoption does happen they sound like a volatile (and cuckoo) bunch.. I am concerned for your safety and well being. On the flip side I sure hope you are able to still meet up with S' sibs.

    BIG prayers coming your way from CO!!

  2. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad do know our name, and it would be easy enough to find out where we live if they don't already know after 2 years. (S)s therapist said to us today we need to be careful because she would not be surprised if they were to try something. We have been extra vigilant whenever we go out, and we don't let her out of our sight except when she is at pre-school. The pre-school is also aware of this need. I am confident we will be fine. I believe not only that the lord is keeping an eye on (S), but there is also an angel looking out for (S) and she will be fine.