Monday, November 23, 2009

Family and Thanksgiving

Two months ago the plan was Thanksgiving for 5. Myself, DW, (S), (K), and her husband. The a borther and sister-in-law in Georgia decided they would come up here to Maine for Thanksgiving with our nephew. Since they were coming up from Atlanta, (A) decided she ws coming. She was going to bring her boyfriend and her two kids as well. So now we had gone from 5 to 12. Well (K) decided she wanted another cousin of hers to come up here from Massachusetts and she worked on her to work on her father (my brother-in-law). She was successful. So we have the brother-in-law, the sister-in-law, the niece and nephew. We were up to 16.

I thought that was where we were going to stay, but today (A) called and asked if we had enough for 3 more. Well, I told her we had enough food to feed an army, but if anyone else wanted to come they would have to bring their own chairs. Don't know if we will have those 3, but if we do, that brings us to 19. It would be nice if (B) could have come from Alabama, but we knew that wouldn't happen. At least I will get to see him in a couple of weeks when I have to go to Atlanta on business

So our Thanksgiving is going to be a house full of people and we are going to have a great time.

The best part of this whole affair is how (S) is looking forward to it. She is so excited that so many people from her family are going to be here. She is looking forward to this day more than anyone else in the family. We have never made any reference to our last name, but somehow she has picked that up and she told (S) that her last name was our family name. We have to hope she actually has that name before she can read the name on her dance shoes at dance class. That would really bring up some questions......So what could make Thanksgiving Day any better.........I think those of you who read regularly know.......A decision from the judge that will lead to (S) becoming a legal part of our family.

If that were to happen, this has the potential to be a Thanksgiving that truly gives us all something to be thankful for. Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers with us. We have two more days we could hear from the case worker that the judge has made that decision..................


  1. I hear you loudly and clearly. We are hoping for a finalization for Christmas, here.

  2. I also meant to say I'm glad S is excited, and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  3. Lots of prayers being sent your way! Have a happy Thanksgiving:)

  4. I know the tension and antisupation but have never been nearly as close. I can't even imagine how ya'll are feeling.. excitment, fear, the whole enchillada. I send you big hugs and keep the prayers coming!!

  5. .. and maybe someday I'll learn to spell. What the heck? No, I haven't been drinking.. LOL..

  6. fyi.. still on the edge of my seat out here in CO!!