Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Final Answer


Monday we will start yet another TPR hearing for (S)'s biological parents. I am still not sure why this was necessary except that the first judge apprently had no interest in the law, his reponsibility, or what was best for the children. I am hopeful that the new judge will see things for what they are and act appropriately. I believed that the last time, but I am still going to believe it again. It is not as if much has changed.

Bio-mom and dad are in a worse place. It is clearer now more than ever that they are unable to properly and safely care for the children. While many people don't do what is proper in other peoples eyes, the "safely" part is a must, and they can't seem to control themselves. Even in court the last time bio-dad was out of control. They have no home, they have no visible means of support, they can't live together in anything other than a violent atmosphere, and they can't live apart.

DW and I plan to attend the entire hearing. We have been told that the DA will be asking if we plan on adopting (S) if the TPR should go through. We have to give an honest answer. There is no room for fudging around with the answer. While some of you are aware of the answer, others have wondered as we struggled with that right after the last hearing when it became apparent (wrongly so) that the parental rights would be terminated. I have fudged around a little bit here and there, but I wanted to let those of you that haven't been sure know what the answer is before that testimony is made.

So when DW is asked; "Do you plan on adopting (S) if the TPR goes through?"

The answer will be YES! and it will be our final answer.

This was never our intention when we started down this road, but there can be no other answer now. So this blog which was originally just going to deal with foster care, will add adoption to its focus as well. We still plan on continuing in our role as foster parents and will talk about that, but we will also be talking about adoption and how the process is working for us.

We just hope that whatever decision the judge makes, it is the best one for the children.



  1. I really hope that there is some peace with what is coming..

    prayers that the judge will do what IS the best thing

  2. I cried when I read your post. God so works in mysterious ways, doesn't He? :o)

    I am sending you, your wife and Sweet S big, huge hugs. I pray this judge does his/her job properly and will remain on the edge of my seat until the trial is done. PLEASE keep us posted!!

  3. I knew it!!! That is great news. I hope this time the TPR process goes quickly and that the judge does the right thing for the children.