Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Older Adoptive Parenting

So this past weekend was very busy and Shyanne handled it wonderfully. She is really maturing at a more rapid pace then she had been. I am thinking it is good, but then wondering if her "teen" years will start earlier than we had planned. Actually, the earlier they start, I guess the better.

"Why?" you ask. We will be younger and hopefully better able to deal with it. Here I go again with the age thing. I just can't get it out of my mind. All my thoughts it seems revolve around how old I am and how old Shy is. When she is entering high school, I will be this age. When she is ready to start looking at colleges I will be that age. Who knows when she will get married, or even if she will get married. Will I even be here to walk her down the aisle. If I am not, who will?

What about if/when she starts playing sports in high school? We will be well into our 60's at that point. I am sure everyone will think we are her grandparents, and while I don't care what other people think, how will those bleachers feel on a 60 something year old bottom? Will it matter if I am watching Shyanne have a good time and do well at whatever it is she has chosen to participate in.

Right now I am thinking the theater and dance are a good thing for her. She is already into dancing. She goes every week and takes ballet, jazz, and tap. She seems to really like it. Most importantly, the seats will be much more comfortable on a 60-ish bottom. Won't they?

She still worries about whether or not DW and I are really her "forever" family. She doesn't actually come out and say it, but her actions and testing certainly seem to indicate that is in the back of her mind. I want to make sure I am around to truly be her "forever" father. She deserves that.

I don't know why age is a constant issue with me, but it is. I am frequently thinking about it. It was the final issue we addressed before making the determination to adopt. I want to be there for all the important things in Shy's life. ..............Doesn't every dad?


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