Thursday, February 2, 2012


We were eating dinner yesterday and as usual, we all went through our day. We always share our day on school days when we are all at separate places over the course of the day. DW always goes first. I always go second, and Shy always goes third.

After that was complete, Shy went over to DW to tell her a secret. I had trouble hearing what she was saying as she was being very quiet. So quiet in fact that even DW had trouble hearing her.

After she was done telling DW what she had to say, she told DW to tell me. I am not sure why she wouldn't just tell us both when she wanted us both to know, but I guess she felt more comfortable that way.

So....what was the secret?

It seems a girlfriend of hers (Kelly) advised her that a boy in their class (Dominic) had told Kelly that he had a crush on Shyanne!!!!

Do you recall that they are only in first grade!!!!!! This is amazing to me.

So why did she tell her mother and then tell her mother to tell me. why didn't she just tell us both together. Was it really that she was just more comfortable that way? Or did she suspect that her daddy might get a little jealous? Or was she worried her dad might get upset? If so, why did she immediately tell her mother to tell me. She certainly wanted me to know. Was she embarrassed that a little boy liked her?

I don't know. How early does the "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" whole thing start. Is it really 1st grade? I think maybe. In any event, I am so glad she is fitting in, but if any of you have any advice, I am more than happy to listen.


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