Monday, February 6, 2012

Excitement?? Or Something Else?

Apparently Shy has heard way too much about our pending trip to Florida and the ensuing cruise to the Caribbean.

yesterday we were in the car on the way to Sunday School and DW and I were talking about the trip and how excited we were getting since it was only 9 days until we fly to Florida. So, naturally I asked Shy if she too was excited.

Her response was "not really"

WHAT DO YOU MEAN NOT REALLY!!!!!???? I didn't actually shout or even say that, but I was certainly thinking it! I couldn't believe with all the talk Linda and I have been giving it over the past month or two that she wouldn't be real excited about it.

It was just that talk though that was making her less excited, as when I asked why she wasn't so excited she responded with:

"You and Mommy have told me all about it already, so I know all about it.

Now to me, it is the knowing about it that makes it exciting. Knowing what I am going to do in Florida and how much we are all going to enjoy the cruise. That is what makes it exciting and that is what I am so looking forward to.

To Shy however, apparently excitement is only about something that you don't know about. Once you know about it, I guess it is no longer exciting. I am not sure I get that, and maybe she is confusing excitement with something else, but I certainly don't know what.

What I do know is that once she gets on that ship and has the chance to do all the things they have for kids, I am sure she won't be able to wait until the next cruise and will probably want to go right back on a ship as soon as possible.

At least I hope she likes it as much as DW and I do.

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