Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Special Day

So I was away on business last week and was unable to write anything. I hate going away for many reasons. I don't sleep well while I am in a hotel room alone. I probably eat more than I should. I get behind on my real work at my office. I hate having to act nicely to all the people at the meeting when I don't particularly care for one or two of them.

But most of all, I hate being away from my family. I really don't enjoy any part of being away and going out to eat and seeing other people and being in a different location. I don't like any of that. I would much rather be at home with DW and Shy and enjoying our life together.

A life together that has special meaning today. It was one year ago today that our adoption of Shyanne was finalized. It was one year ago today that our family was changed forever....for the good....

I can no longer remember life without Shyanne. She has been with us now almost 4 years (that will be another anniversary of December 11th). DW says it was the longest pregnancy she had. almost 3 years from her coming into our home until adoption.

I can tell you that there is no one in our family that would trade her in for anything. She is truly a wonderful child. She brightens up our day each and every day. Yes, she does have a few minor issues that come from her previous life. She is able to offset that with the most wonderful giggle and the most adorable smile in the world. I tell her she is the most beautiful girl and the world, and she totally believes it. (so do I actualy).

In honor of the day we told her we would go out to eat wherever she wanted to go. Her choice....the 99 restaurant in Mashpee. It is a local New England area chain that was born in Boston. They have good steaks and Shy loves steak. That is what she wants, so that is where we will go.

November 15th of 2010 was a special day in the life of our family and it is one we will celebrate every year as it is truly special.


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