Monday, October 24, 2011


This weekend we went to Maine to visit with family and friends who we left behind when we moved.

Amy and her husband had just passed papers on the house they bought on Friday and we got to see it. Empty, in need of cleaning, in need of some work, in need of love. I know they will provide all of that, and it will be a wonderful home for them to spend the next chapter of their life in. DW and I are so happy for them.

We spent our nights at Kari's house with her husband and our handsome grandson. It was a great time there too. (except that our grandson didn't feel like letting anyone sleep on Friday night). Apparently he preferred screaming to sleeping. We slept downstairs in their "guest room/office". Well, I did end up on the couch both nights as Shy decided she wanted to sleep on the bed instead of in a sleeping bag on the floor. The double bed isn't quite big enough for three of us.

We had a wonderful breakfast with old friends on Saturday morning, and an equally wonderful dinner with other old friends on Saturday night. It was great spending time with them. As yet, we have not found good friends like that down here. I am sure we iwll given time, but right now, all we have are aquaintances.

Shyanne got to visit with two of her biological brothers this weekend as well. The one who is closest to Shyanne in age is, by all appearances, a very happy boy enjoying his new adoptive life with a wonderful man who he calls dad. The next older brother that she got to visit with, does not appear to be as happy a boy. His adoption has been final for a few months now, and the family he is with is truly wonderful, but he just doesn't seem to be very happy. I think he remembers only good things about his past life, and wants that life back. Unfortunately, that is not to be, nor should it be. Their parents were turly unable to provide a safe environment for them.

I am glad Shyanne got to visit with the happy brother last. I think that made the trip a better one for her. I know there was no discussion with him about their past life. Neither of them really have much memory of it. They are both just "only" children at this point, and they truly do love and adore playing with each other. They were running around Chuck e Cheese's playing all the games, on the rides, and in the playground, while we sat around talking. I know Shy had a great time.

Thanksgiving we will be in Maine again, and that will be another opportunity to visit with her biological brothers. It would be nice to get the two older brothers invovled in a visit, but the foster parents they have don't seem very interested. They have been the same foster parents since the beginning, but as far as we know, the adoption is not yet final. It is really too bad. I know the two older brothers have had most of the problems, so maybe it is better this way.

I just want Shyanne to stay connected with her long as it is a healthy connection.


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