Monday, October 31, 2011

Quest for Candy

Well, today is Halloween. Shy will be dressed as Cinderella and apparently I will be the one that ushers her around thorugh the neighborhood tonight. (DW has decided that she will give out the candy at our house) The area is quite dark so we will be sure to take our flashlights with us. We have no idea what to expect, or how far we will be going.

This is an interesting part of moving that I had never thought of before. The first few times DW and I moved, we did not have kids who went Trick or Treating, so it wasn't an issue. The one time we moved, with children of Trick or Treat age was 28 years ago. I barely remember much about that year or the Halloween (except that some people in the neighborhood took glasses with them when they were trick or treating with their kids, and expected a libation for themselves....does anyone else do that?) Anyway, that was a move into the first home we owned. It was in May, and our oldest was only 5. Halloween was the furthest thing from our minds.

Today, however I am wondering how it will go. The house we lived in the last few years was not in a "halloween friendly" neighborhood. We actually drove to another neighborhood last year to take Shy on her annual quest for candy. It was a great meighborhood. People were really into the Halloween spirit and it was a fun time.

This year....who knows? We live on a street that has about 25 homes and no sidewalks. The street runs between two other streets that also don't have sidewalks and are a bit busier then the one we live on. Will it be "Halloween Friendly"? I guess I am going to find out tonight.

DW doesn't know how much candy to buy. Neighbors are non-commital as to what happens on Halloween. Apprently it difffers greatly from one year to the next. There is just so much to think about when it comes to a first halloween in a new neighborhood. I wonder what Amy and her husband are doing. Their neighborhood I would guess is definitely NOT Halloween Friendly as they live on a major street and there aren't a lot of homes in the are where they live.

Well, I hope it is an eventful evening and I have lots of news to report tomorrow about how the night went. In the meantime, I have to get back to work. I have a lot to do if I am to get done in time today to take Shy on her annual Quest for Candy!!!


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  1. We didn't buy any candy due to the move, the neighbors across the street said practically no one comes by and we only saw a few that looked like they were swinging by friends houses.