Thursday, October 27, 2011

Swimming and Girl Scouts

So last night Shy had her first swimming lesson. Unfortuntately I was unable to attend. (I had to go to Girl Scouts, but I will get to that later). DW said the entire time that she was in the water she had a huge smile on her face. She was thoroughly enjoying it. She didn't know any of the other girls or boys who were there, so yet another opportunity for her to make new friends.

When I got home from Girl Scouts, it was after she was in bed, but as usual she was still awake. I could tell she had a great time at swimming and is ready to go back. Considering we live so close to so much water, it is great that she enjoys swimming and will learn to be a good swimmer. Our son Barry was a swimmer in high school. Who knows, maybe she will be too. She seems to be a lot more athletic then the rest of us.

So....Girl Scouts. While DW and Shy were at the pool, dear old dad was at a Girl scout Troop Formation meeting. Yes, I was the only male in the room. Yes, I was also the oldest person in the room. I actuaally felt like I was in a room of Girl Scouts, not in a room with parents of girl scouts!. They were all so young. They also wanted to be sure I had the opportunity to be a troop leader if I wanted to. Now, I am not sure I would want a male to be a Girl Scout Troop leader, but for some reason they saw no problem....Don't worry, when they mentioned that Daisy's could be up to 10 or even 12 five and six year olds, I knew that put me out of even considering it.

The good news is that they are only going to meet for 1 hour every other week. So it won't be too much for Shy. The other good news is that it includes a lot of girls from her school from other 1st grade classes. More opportunities for her to meet new friends.

By the way, thanks for yesterday's comments on how much she should be doing and about over-involvement. There is definitely a lot to think about. I think it will be much easier for us to get play dates and other type activities set up once we get to know some of the other parents better. Unfortunately, Shy does not come home with last names, and the only phone number she came home from school with was unreadable (I was just as glad. His name was Anthony and he is an older boy on the bus).

I think it is on DW and I. We have to get to know some of the other parents so that we can find these things out. DW is doing a good job of that by being involved in PTA. As a matter of fact she will be at the school this afternoon getting a halloween thing ready for tomorrow night.

Anyway, Shy is doing well. She is looking forward to Girl Scouts. She is LOVING swim, and so far, no real problems. We will certainly keep a close eye on her though.


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