Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just Wondering


I am beginning to wonder if there is too much going on for Shyanne. She has been behaving differently, and at first I thought it might be because of the move, but now I am wonderfing if she is "over-involved".

DW is calling a person today to try to set up some aapointments for Shyanne to see someone, but until then, we have to deal with it ourselves, I guess. But how does one know when a child is over-invloved.

Right now she has Sunday School on Sunday, Dance on Monday, Swimming on Wednesday, and Basketball on Friday. We are also preparing for Girl Scouts, but that has not started yet, and we are not sure when/how that will run. I don't know if that is too much or not enough. Maybe part of the problem is she needs more stimulation on the empty days and in between the times of school and the other activities.

It is all kind of new to us. When our older kids were Shy's age, there wasn't as much available for them. the girls never did more than one or two sports/activities at a time. No one did in those days. Of course it was easier to let kids go outside and play without worrying about them at that time too. Now, you have to watch your child constantly. You never know what can happen to them and that is especially true with her.

While her bio parents don't know where we are, they know who we are and in this technological era, it wouldn't be too hard to find us.

So, if anyone has any good ideas on what constitutes too much or not enough for a first grader's activities, we are always willing to get other's viewpoints.




  1. We have a rule of just one activity, and right now that's Saturday gymnastics, although Ing will start Girl Scouts next month (and that's just every other Friday, right after school.) I would probably have her choose between Dance, Swimming and Basketball, and have more down time -- kids are so scheduled even in school now, that it's good to be bored! Here's a good link:

  2. "scheduled in school" -- there is such a reduction in PE and recess and free play, that kids are "on" for much longer than your other kids were -- I might look for one of those activities to be replaced by a 1:1 playdate where she can just hang out with a friend, to have that unstructured play time but still be making some new social connections.

  3. I think every child is different, but I will add that our two older adopted children need very little extra activity. Delaney does nothing besides church on Sunday and Wednesday. Jackson plays only baseball, in addition to the church activities and even that is a bit much for him at times. I have been known to keep him home from a game or practice here and there when I see a decline in respect or behavior. But, every child is different and Shy might be one of those kids that needs lots to keep her mind busy. You know her better than anyone so I am sure you will make the right call for her. :-)