Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Mystery Mansion reappears

The Mystery Mansion is striking again.

We have a new CW and she is not very reliable. We may have been spoiled by our original CW for (S), as she was with us for 2 years. Now we have one that doesnt seem to really care all that much. I am beginning to wonder if it is because the case has been through the family court, the TPR has been granted and we have decided to adopt (S).

Unfortunately I have been away and not had the opportunity to meet her. She wants to meet me, but we have called a couple of times and she never returns our calls. Monday I am going to call her supervisor and see what is going on. The supervisor happens to be the one who called us originally to take (S) 2 years ago and she has been following the ase since. I know she is happy that we are going to adopt (S) so hopefully she will give us some assistnace in taking care of these issues.

We also need to renew our foster license and the person who handles that is also impossible to get a hold of. I know we have been approved as an adoptive resource so all of that is taken care of, but no one seems to have a lot of answers for us. Additionally, mom and dad have appealed the TPR and I am not sure DHHS wants to do anything until after the appeal is decided. We have been told by numerous people that the appeal will not change anything, it will just delay things. That is too bad because we are hoping to have everything completed before (S) starts school in September. We also want tog et her a passport in case we want to go out of the cvountry, but wee can't do that until after an adoption is complete.

We have heard that the DHHS is not all that helpful when we get to this part of the process and after adoption. As a result, we are going to hire a lawyer to make sure all our bases are covered. DHHS is just looking out for the child which is as we would want it, but we need to make sure we look out for ourselves and we get the needed paperwork in a timely manner once the adoption goes through.

Right now we are just keeping our fingers crossed. Until the adoption is final and everything is settled. I think this is going to be a very stressful time.


  1. You can get a passport, but it will be in her birth name. You need to have either a letter on county letterheaad stating that S is in foster care and you are her care providers and that you have permission to apply for a passport, or you can bring a caseworker with you who has a county ID with their photo to your passport appointment. The worker tells the passport clerk that you have permission to apply. Ella's passport is in her birth name so when we go to Europe we buy her tickets in that name. It expires in a year so we will just re-apply (name change is really complicated)in her adopted name. It took over a year to get her birth certificate in her new name anyway so it doesn't matter if it takes a while more, you probably won't have the birth cert. to enroll her in school anyway. Our school will enroll kids in their birth name, but put their adopted name on the roll sheets and records and just use the adopted name, especially if it is a safety issue (i.e. her birth parents may call to try to get information using the old name)

  2. It is a crazy system and process. Good luck Cloud Master!