Sunday, January 24, 2010


This last week we met with our licensing worker and our case worker. It was the first time we had met with the licensing worker and the first time I had met the caseworker.

First was our licensing worker. He seemed like a nice enough guy and asked a number of questions for renewal of our foster care license. He was a little too serious for me, but that was ok, he is in a serious business I guess. It's just that he could have had a little more of a sense of humor. There are only two things we had left to do. First is to complete our required trianing. I have and I believe DW has as well.

The other problem we seem to have is with our water. We had a bad test on our well, so we had to pour cholorox into it to try to clean it out and then run water forever in order to make sure the water was potable. Now we have to retest it. I hope it is ok. If not we will probably try those pool tablets that have also been recommended.

Anyway, we have a couple of more weeks to compelte those things before our old license runs out, and the worker did say he could give us an extension if needed.

The new case worker showed up shortly after the licensing worker left. DW had met her last month but I wasn't there. I had purposely stayed home to do these meetings since I have to be away all the time now except most weekends.

The new case worker was ok. She said nothing that impressed nor anything that I thought was inappropriate. I think she is just as anxious to get the paperwork done as soon as the court process is complete as we are. Since all the kids are going to be staying with their foster parents as a permanency plan, the sooner she can get that done, the sooner she can get 5 more children off of her case load. As overworked as caseworkers are, getting rid of 5 children is something she will be very motivated to complete, I hope.

We don't have any more meetings scheduled at this time, and it is likely I wont be there for the next meeting anyway. I really hate not being there with DW and (S), but that is another post. Maybe the next one. In the meantime, I will just keep praying that the courts get done quickly so we can finally adopt (S).

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  1. Just found your blog from another blog. Surprise, surprise to find another family waiting to adopt their foster child. ;) We too are waiting to adopt our 3 foster children (b6, g5 and b11m). Hope things go quickly and smoothly for you.