Tuesday, January 5, 2010


There are a few different kinds of decisions you make in life.

The first is the decision you make on the fly. You have no time to think about it, you make it and you follow through with it because you must. Sometimes you look back and think about the decision you made. Either it was right or wrong, or you think about what might have happened if you had made a different decision. No matter what it is, you don't lose much sleep over it and move on. These are the decisions like whether or not you go left or right to avoid that car stopped in the roadway that you didn't see until it was too late. I have made this type of decision many times.

The next kind of decision is the simple one you don't think a lot about and never look back on it one way or another. These are the decisions like getting up in the morning and choosing to have Frosted Flakes for breakfast instead of Corn Flakes. Granted, not very important, but a type of decision none the less. I have made this type of decision many times.

Then there is the decision you take a long time to think about. You weigh all the options. You may even write down the pros and cons on either side of a piece of paper and you make an educated decision based on all the facts as you have them. This is the decision like whether or not you can afford to buy that new car or should wait a few months. I have made this type of decision many times.

There is also the decision that you make about something that will happen sometime in the future and since there is time to change your mind, you continually think about it. You hem and haw (where did that phrase come from anyway?) and you may change your mind numerous times before you reach the final decision sometime close to the date when you must. High School seniors are facing these types of decisions now. They get accepted to a school and decide they want to go there, but they have a few more colleges to hear from and they don't have to make a final decision until May when the deposits have to be sent in. They may change their mind and have many different decisions made between now and that magic date in May. I have made this type of decision many times.

Then there is the decision you make in advance of some future date and never look back. You are comfortable with your decision and don't even give it a second thought even though you may have months to consider it. I came to the realization today that DW and I made that type of decision for the first time I can recall this past summer.

That was the decision to adopt (S).

Ever since we made the decision that we would adopt (S) we have never looked back once. There has been absolutely no discussion except about how excited we are that it is going to happen and it can't happen soon enough for us. I don't ever remember being this comfortable with a decision. While we took a long time to make the decision and went through an extensive process to make that decision, the decision has been made and we can't wait.

So if anyone was wondering, there is no question as to this being the right decision at the right time for all the right reasons. While I never thought about it before today, having come to that realization is quite comforting.

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